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Table Games Conference

Cutting Edge Table Games Conference

November 18 – 20, 2019

Las Vegas, NV


Stop the erosion of table games revenue; create a pit area that is thrilling to younger players, that is friendly enough to tease your slot players, and that will invigorate your current players.  Classroom sessions and exhibit hall.  Raving clients contact Amy Hergenrother for your conference discount.

Raving Sessions from the 2018 Event:

Table Game Operators Roundtable

Tuesday, November 6 10:00 am – 11:00 am 

The annual operators roundtable gives attendees a high-level, hands-on view of the many operational issues driving the table games business at casinos around the country, and the trends that impact the business daily. In this interactive discussion, hear from successful table game executives across multiple markets about their top priorities, and the steps they are taking to defend and grow table game revenue.

Moderator: Michael Hochman, Vice President, Casino Operations, Canterbury Park

Panelists: Scott Hanson, Corporate Vice President Gaming, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures;
Mike May, Vice President of Table Operations, Pechanga Resort & Casino; Kevin Parker, Raving Partner, Casino Operations and Technology


Player Worth and the Path to True Loyalty Marketing

Tuesday, November 6 11:30 am – 12:30 pm 

Table game marketing has long taken a back seat to slot marketing in terms of efficiency and effectiveness because it has been too much art and not enough science. Suppliers have worked with operators to close that gap, developing a number of technological solutions that aim to capture the value of each bet and thus the value of the customer placing that bet. From there, operators can target players appropriately. In this session, you will hear a progress report on table game player valuation and the resulting benefits for operators.

Moderator: Lynette O’Connell, Raving Partner, Data Science and Integration

Panelists: Michael Hochman, Vice President, Casino Operations, Canterbury Park; Justin Woodard, Consultant; Colin Skidmore, Director of Table Games, Harrah’s Resort Southern California


How to Make $1 Million More at your Craps Tables

Tuesday, November 6 1:45 pm – 2:30 pm 

“The conventional wisdom has the game of craps being a “dying game.” But the research shows that craps is also the one game seen as being the most fun in a casino and that gamblers secretly wished they knew how to play. So where’s the disconnect?

Sorting this one out will be Dennis Conrad, who, prior to his illustrious consulting career, was a table games dealer, floorperson, instructor and promoter. He has consulted with some of the largest (and smallest) table game operations in the world and advised numerous new table game developers and entrepreneurs. Most importantly, he has been an avid craps player at hundreds of casinos around the globe, spending thousands of hours witnessing “the good, the bad and the ugly” in the game of craps.

In this session, Dennis will make the relentlessly logical case that the game of craps is the biggest unrealized revenue opportunity in table games, and possibly the entire casino operation. He will speak to such things as providing more value to the playing experience, making dealers master instructors and salespeople, implementing player-pleasing procedural and service protocols, and eliminating time consuming logjams in the game (yes, it’s time for a 10-second shot clock). Based on a current craps beta test site in a live casino, he will show that making $1 Million more at your craps tables is also very simple. Simple, but not easy.

Presenter: Dennis Conrad



Dealer Tips: Overcoming Barriers on Going for Your Own

Wednesday, November 7 10:00 am – 10:45 am

Most casinos pool dealer tips but those who go for their own make a strong case for their side of the discussion. Indeed, the potential benefits associated with the “pay-for-performance” aspect of going for your own has compelled a number of operators to rethink their approach, but many are still intimidated by potential snags such as developing an equitable approach to scheduling, avoiding favoritism and keeping the playing field level for all team members. In this session, you will hear the answers to these issues and more from operators who both go for their won and have managed the transition from pooling.

Moderator: Deana Scott, CEO, Raving Consulting

Panelists: Kevin Parker, Raving Partner, Table Games and Casino Operations; Greg Benner, Director of Table Games, Tropicana Laughlin; Dan Stromer, President, Black Chip Entertainment


An Interview with Table Games Players Smarter Than You
Dennis Conrad Signature Session

Wednesday, November 7 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

“They’re called “advantage players” and they are adept at (legally) taking money from your table games through card counting techniques, tournament team play, edge sorting, hole carding, shuffle tracking, comp hustling and numerous other table game money-getting tactics. Most table game operators treat these players as crooks (Okay, a few may be), but in reality most are just math and casino savvy players that are just, frankly, smarter than you.

But this session is not about game protection, although you will likely pick up a few tips in that regard. Rather, in this down and dirty session, Dennis Conrad will poke and prod some of the smartest advantage players in the world to look at the table game experience much like an operator would. Where are some revenue opportunities? What is the stupid stuff I should quit doing tomorrow? How are table game dealers doing at creating memorable experiences for players? How would YOU suggest dealing with advantage players like yourself?

We all should be talking with our everyday, bread and butter, table game players. But our own “advantage play” might well be learning from table game players smarter than ourselves, to see how we can be better, smarter, more player-focused Table Game Operators. You will have that chance in this rare session.”

Moderator: Dennis Conrad

Panelists: Anthony Curtis, Publisher, Huntington Press and the Las Vegas Advisor; Others TBA