Raving Strategic Partner – Branding, Advertising and Media Services

Mark Astone

Catalyst Marketing Company

Mark Astone is the Owner and CEO of Catalyst Marketing Company. His decades of hands-on marketing and public relations experience allow him to push Catalyst’s clients to new heights, even in tough economic times. He has spent years studying and working within the world of Indian gaming. While his insights into how customers today are making their entertainment decisions are remarkable, most unique is his focus – at all times – on the bottom-line results that Catalyst’s efforts are producing. Catalyst provides their clients with cutting-edge advertising and communication and strategic planning solutions through a collection of solid experience, creative thinking and professional leadership; all Mark Astone hallmarks.

A product of California’s Central Valley, Mark has grown into a dynamic leader in an extremely competitive field. He takes a very personal interest in the well-being of his clientele and his employees, in large part because he understands that Catalyst’s ultimate success is based on that of the organizations Catalyst works for. Mark holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business Administration from California State University, Fresno, along with an advanced MBA degree from Harvard University. Raving has partnered with Mark and his team at Catalyst to help our clients with solutions on branding, advertising and media services.