Marketing & CRM Coordinator

Michael White

Michael has 15 years experience in Tribal gaming and Tribal Enterprises.

Starting as an entry level slot technician, Michael advanced into management roles including Slot Manager, Shift Manager, Marketing Director, and General Manager.

As Marketing Director, Michael’s responsibilities included, the casino, the golf course, the bowling alley, the RV park, and any other requirements of the Tribal Enterprises.

Michael’s job duties included database management across multiple platforms bringing the advantage of big data to marketing. He also installed digital customer interfaces including player kiosks, mobile platforms, and the foundation for advanced social media practices.

As General Manager Michael was responsible for 125 employees, was the direct report for 21 managers and was a primary advisor for the Tribal Economic Development Board. While serving as General Manager, Michael was elected to the Board of Directors of his local Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout his tenure, Michael attended multiple gaming educational conferences throughout the country. He has completed the Professional Development in Gaming Management program at the University of Nevada, Reno, as well as additional UNR marketing courses, including digital marketing.