Meet Our New Analytics and Performance Partner

Most of you know that us Ravers are data geeks through and through and we shout from the mountain tops (and whomever will listen to us) to follow the data! And we know we’re not alone, as analytics courses and topics are the number one request of our subscribers and conference attendees.

So, we’ve got great news. We have expanded our geeki-ness offerings and resources with the addition of Bryan Brammer, who is now an official Raving Partner! Bryan specializes in operations and performance optimization. He’s the real deal and has been living and breathing analytics for almost two decades.

He speaks our language.

During his tenure in the gaming and hospitality industries, he has held the title of General Manager, VP of Gaming Operations and Corporate Director of Database Marketing and Analytics for operations that had multiple business units with multiple properties per segment.

We’ll be sharing more about Bryan and his super-power skills that he brings to the Raving table and we can offer our clients. From social and online gaming to down and dirty promotions analytics … he’s got the numbers dialed in.

Please give Bryan a big welcome and look for his insights in articles and conference sessions!

Bryan Brammer