Native Strong Comedy Slam & Jam Overview

This event was started as the Native Strong Comedy Slam five years ago, and has traditionally hosted a unique, niche talent group: Native American comedians. As the event reaches its sixth year, Raving has chosen to broaden its scope and add a rock n’ roll twist for 2020. For the first time, this event will feature a live, acoustic performance from an up-and-coming musician! With the new changes, we've renamed the event to the Native Strong Comedy Slam & Jam.

Tribal casinos across the nation have hosted hundreds of today’s biggest music stars, not to mention, countless fans have visited your properties to see their idol rock the stage.

Help us bring together Native American culture, entertainment and charity by donating a signed guitar from one of your booked music artists. The guitars will be placed in an online auction starting January 2020. Anyone can bid – all proceeds go to the Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation.

The online auction leads up to the sixth annual Native Strong Comedy Slam & Jam event, March 26, 2020, during the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention in San Diego. Ticket buyers and sponsors will come together to enjoy a night of cocktails, comedy and live music to support the critical work of the Notah Begay III Foundation.

Fundraiser Schedule

Why Participate

June 24, 2019 Guitar Submissions Open
November 2019 Tickets Go on Sale for Native Strong Comedy Slam & Jam
December 31, 2019 Guitar Submission Closes
January 30, 2020 Online Auction Begins
March 26, 2020 Online Auction Closes
March 26, 2020 Native Strong Comedy Slam & Jam!

Here’s a list of benefits for supplying a signed guitar:

  • Raise critical dollars and awareness for the NB3 Foundation in a creative and fun way
  • Let the world know what big names your casino hosted this Summer/Fall!
  • Get free publicity for donating a guitar in form of press releases, eblasts and social media posts
  • Be recognized as an event supporter on the Native Strong Comedy Slam and Jam web page and event signage
  • Be included in a featured article in the Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine
  • Opportunity to create a story between your casino and music artist
  • Show how Tribal casinos gives back to their community

Quick-Start Guide

Step One: Choose Your Artist

You know your Summer/Fall lineup better than anyone. Checkout who's coming and pick which artist(s) you think would be a good fit for this program.

Step Two: Sign-up to Donate

Complete this online sign-up form to let Raving know that you will be donating a guitar. We'll want to know the artist/band/musician name, date of concert, and when you think you can have your guitar shipped to our office.

Step Three: Asking a Musican/Band to Participate

The key here is follow-up and follow through. Here are a few tips from experienced event managers on how to improve the process:

1. Make sure that the brand of guitar you purchase the artist can actually sign! Sometimes artists are contracted  and can only play, endorse or sign a certain brand of guitar. This is something that needs to be addressed when you approach the musician's management.
2. Make the signing process as simple as possible for the artist. Have the guitar in the green room before the artist arrives. If shooting a video for an endorsement, have a whiteboard with a script already written out.

Step Four: Purchasing a Guitar

Given your artist’s genre (“big hair” metal band or country folk singer?), choose a guitar that fits their style. Amazon has a surprising amount of guitars at reasonable prices. And remember, these guitars are more likely to be used for display.

Check if your artist has a contract with a guitar brand. If so, purchase a guitar that they can sign (see above instructions in step three).

Here is a list from of top acoustic and electric guitars brands. Of course, feel free to do your own research on this, and when in doubt, you can always shop your friendly online market place (amazon).

You will also need a guitar case for shipping. Most guitars have an option when purchasing to buy a case with it. This will be a huge help when you ship the guitar.

Receipts and Tax-Deductible Amount

Keep a receipt of how much you paid for the guitar. This will be the fair market value of the guitar and anything spent over this amount is tax deductible for a guitar purchaser.

Extra Points – Customize your guitar!

Want to add your logo, decoration, or custom branding? Go for it!  We’ll leave the creativity to you but it isn't required.

Step Five: Getting Your Guitar Signed

Now the fun begins. You have the contract signed, you have the guitar and your artist just arrived at your property. What next?

When you meet the artist, have your guitar and phone ready for pictures! We bet you’ll already by armed and ready with what to say, but in case there’s a star struck moment and you’re at a loss of words, here’s a blurb on the Native Strong Comedy Slam & Jam:

“Thank you for you making the Native Strong Comedy Slam and Jam happen! We want you to know that every dollar raised by your signed guitar will go straight to the Notah Begay III Foundation, a non-profit that serves Indian country by helping Native American children live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives."

In addition, the artist can share what they're doing with their fans. We’ll send you a link so your team can share with the artist on their social media pages – we’d love one of their die-hard fans to take home this guitar!

Extra Bonus Points!

Snap a photo of the artist with the signed guitar. We can add this on the online bidding site and use it to promote bids for the guitar.

Extra Extra Bonus Points!!

Take a video of the artist with the signed guitar. We bet your marketing and PR teams could have a lot of fun with this – get creative! Shoot the video outside, include team members, showcase your property, have them strum the guitar, let them sing … we’re sure the wheels are already turning. And to kick off the brainstorm, here are a few script options to work into your video:

“Shout out to the NB3 Foundation for everything you’re doing for Native Children’s health!”

“Happy to support the Notah Begay III Foundation and the work they’re doing to improve Native Children’s health.”

“Go NB3 Foundation! Keep working hard for the health and futures of Native children.”

Video Quality – we can work with just about anything, and yes, your cell phone’s camera will work just fine. If you are using your mobile, remember to turn the phone sideways.

Email your photos or videos to Gency Warren [email protected].

Step Six: Shipping Your Guitar

The not-so-fun part, shipping. We’re leaving this to your best practices; our only requirement is to ship to Raving’s Office and aim to get them to us by December 31, 2019. Here’s our shipping address:

Ship to:

Raving Consulting Company
Attn: Gency Warren/Marketing Dept.
5470 Louie Lane Suite 102
Reno, NV 89511

Please include:

When you ship your guitar, please include a letter that states your casino name, artist name, date of signature, contact name, email, and phone number.

Some Advice on Packing and Shipping a Guitar:

You probably have an awesome shipping department that’s equipped to ship out oddly shaped, fragile, and priceless items. But if you’re like us and never shipped a guitar before, we did some research on best practices and recommendations. Here is an article by UPS on how to ship a guitar. And when in doubt, use a packing service because if this is your first time shipping a guitar, it might be easiest to have them roll out the bubble tape for you and package themselves. And definitely, ship with insurance!

Step Seven: Promoting Your Guitar

Once your guitar is online and available for bidding, we will send you a direct link to your guitar. It’s time to dial up the social media and let your followers, friends and connections know that they can bid on or purchase the signed guitar … and all to benefit a great cause!

We recommend that you get your artist in on it too. They have a direct-line to their fans; get them to share the guitar with their fanbase. That way we are hitting the right target of people that will really want to take home this signed piece of memorabilia.

Raving will distribute several press releases, share the news of your guitar donation on our weekly report, and the guitars will be featured in an upcoming issue of  Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine. The Notah Begay III foundation will also be promoting the auction via social media and newsletters.

Remember, anyone can bid! Your players, employees, community, family, heck even your dog can bid!

Step Eight: Celebrate With Us!

You've done all the hard work, now it's time to celebrate! Join us at the Native Strong Comedy Slam & Jam on March 26, 2020. Tickets will be go on sale mid-September – grab a table and enjoy the show!

About the NB3 Foundation

The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation is a national, award-winning Native American nonprofit dedicated to Native children’s health. The future success of Indian Country depends on the health and wellbeing of its youth.

Since 2014, the foundation has given MORE than $4 million to Tribes and Native organizations to support Native youth health. Join the NB3 Foundation and help double-down on their investment in youth and together we will ensure that all children have the opportunity to live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

Visit for more information and upcoming events.