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Are you getting maximum return on investment for your non-gaming amenities?

Let’s face it, non-gaming amenities are no longer the loss-leader of the facility. Hotels and Food & Beverage outlets are now driving revenue to the property. Are you still convinced that you need to lose millions of dollars to get gamers to your property? How do you develop amenities that serve both players and non-gamblers?

  • Do hotel and casino management battle over ADR? Does hotel group sales book non-gaming groups that impact rooms for gamblers? Can you have it both ways?
  • Need a hotel? How do you begin?
  • Do your guests complain of long lines for food venues, while there are obviously empty tables?
  • What should your Food Cost of Sales be in your venues?
  • Are there service and protocol inconsistencies between your casino, hotel and contracted outlets?
  • How can you incorporate your loyalty club with your hotel and food venues?

Whether you’re ready to expand your gaming property to include a hotel or you’re adding more F&B or retail outlets, Raving’s hospitality team will help you create consistent and measurable training standards, policies and procedures, protocols and goals, property-wide. We will show you the true value behind gamblers and non-gamblers, and how to use data for better strategic, financially-driven decision-making.

If you’re ready to look at your food costs, your POS and hotel technologies and yield management to increase your bottom line, then let’s get cooking!

How Raving Can Help

  • Call Center and Reservations
  • Contracted/Non-Managed Outlet Audit
  • Convention Business
  • Expansion Management
  • Food and Beverage Assessment
  • Food and Beverage Upsell Program
  • Game-Side Food Service
  • GDS Systems
  • GOPPAR Measurement
  • Hospitality Reputation Management
  • Hospitality Software
  • Hotel Assessment
  • Hotel Non-Gaming
  • Menu Costing
  • POS Technologies
  • Pre-Opening and Opening Hospitality Training
  • Service Training Front and Back of House
  • Smith Travel Research (STR) Analysis
  • SOPs & SOSs
  • Spa and Restaurant Health Code Compliance
  • Wine Program Development

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