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Guest Service

Does your service experience exceed the expectations of your guests while distinguishing your casino from your competitor to drive loyalty?

We all sell pretty much the same product as the casino down the street. How do we differentiate our property? We believe it’s how you make each and every guest feel when they engage with your property.

At the heart of every service Raving offers, is our culture of guest worship.

We’ve been a leader in creating customized casino and hospitality customer service training programs for over two decades. The Raving guest service team understands the expectations of a gambler.

After all, everyone knows that casinos have the edge and that over the long run people seldom beat them. So why do people come? Why do gamblers gamble? We know how to work with you to build a service culture that addresses your unique player base.

Do you need to create a casino guest service program that is custom to your property?

Do you need to refresh a brand you developed from the top down? Guest service in the casino industry is unique and requires continuous leadership, training and support.

We’re here to help from a one-time initiative to a long-term "keep it going" program and we’ve worked with diverse teams throughout the world and in Indian Gaming.

How Raving Can Help

  • Cross-Property Hospitality
  • Custom Guest Service Program Design
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Gaming Service Programs
  • Guest Service from the PIT
  • Guest Service Measurement & Evaluations
  • Guest Service Pep Rallies
  • Guest Service Redesign and Skills Training
  • Guest Service Skills Training
  • In-House Train the Trainer
  • ROI and Guest Service
  • Sequence of Service

We're here to help you succeed!

No high pressure sales or arm twisting — let's just start the conversation.

Raving's Guest Service Experts

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