Slot Ambassador Program

Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa

Washington State

Property Description

Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa is a tribal casino located in Northwest Washington State in Ferndale, approximately 100 miles from Seattle and within 15 minutes of the Canadian border.

Offering Las Vegas style gaming with approximately 975 slots, 20 tables and a 106 room hotel, Silver Reef is in a competitive gaming environment catering to a strong local’s market as well as tourists.


According to Marty Sauvage, Director of Slots:

With the onset of TITO, Silver Reef needed to transform traditional slot attendant jobs from selling change and tickets to player development specialists.

  • Their players club card utilization was low.
  • New players club sign-ups were not significant.


Based on the needs stated by Marty, Raving recommended its on-site Slot Ambassador program for Silver Reef. This program encompasses training former “slot attendants” in developing customer service and sales skills. Specifically, these skills would address Silver Reef’s challenges of encouraging users to play with their cards; signing up new players to the club and creating a more comprehensive customer service role.

This program would also train employees to effectively “sell” other amenities at the casinos; to successfully communicate and sign up players for marketing promotions; to engage comfortably in conflict resolution; and to develop further skills around customer engagement. While on-site Raving would tailor training scenarios to fit Silver Reef’s specific challenges. Silver Reef had Raving work directly with front-line slot department staff, slot supervisors, pit supervisors, dual rates and shift managers.

The Win

According to Marty, not only were the initial challenges addressed but several beneficial by-products occurred after this training:

  • Early indicators showing higher card-in usage and increased players club sign ups.
    By including both slot and table games staff and supervisors, the “message” to customers has been much more consistent.
  • The “regulars” have noticed a more positive attitude from the Silver Reef team.
  • The ambassadors are much more proactive and comfortable in engaging guests.
  • There is much more dialogue between customers and the new ambassadors.
  • Sliver Reef is creating a rewards program specifically for the slot ambassadors.
  • This program is now being used as a training tool for shift managers.
  • In the future, this program will be a “must” for anyone who comes into contact with guests on the floor.

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