Northern Quest Resort & Casino on Re-Opening Day

“We are slammed” – so were the words from Kevin Zenishek, Executive Director of Casino Operations at Northern Quest Resort & Casino yesterday after opening the doors that morning. Joined by Tribal Council Member and General Manager, Nick Pierre, who added in that they found “A Path to Yes,” for re-opening, which happens to be the Tribe’s long-time slogan.

They took about 15 minutes with Raving in-between welcoming very grateful guests yesterday afternoon, with only 50% of their slots on the floor and less than half of their tables games open. With employees wearing several different hats, but grateful to do so, they were the first casino in Washington State to open the doors of their two casinos and they were very candid why they believed the time was right based on the statistics in their county.

Consistent leaders in marketing and analytics, in this interview, you’ll find out how they used this opportunity to reset and restart when it comes to offers. And it first started with a 9 am to 7 pm re-orientation for all staff the day before to prepare them for a number of property and logistic changes.

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