Is your copy REALLY connecting with your guests?

casino marketing copy

It’s due every month.

You could promote your next promotion. Describe a few feature coupons. Tout the new item at the buffet and be done with it.

But do you really want to roll out the same paragraphs … again?

Direct Mail still delivers phenomenal results. My question is whether your mail piece is doing enough for you. Is it truly deepening the relationship with your customers? Is it making them smile?

Your monthly mailer as well as all your communications can do so much more.

Good copy counts.

Engage your customer.

What about your property or your people can you share that only insiders should know? Create your own gossip. Whisper secrets that the reader will tell every friend. You have a monthly opportunity to do show and tell. Kindergartners do this well. Do you?

Start a conversation.

Ask a question. We speak of control groups and testing. But the true test of good copy is whether your customers answer you. Wrap a contest around the best answers. Put the creative reigns in their hands. Who loves you most? Pose a riddle to be solved. Ask for the readers to post pictures of their favorite desert at the buffet. Give them an opportunity to drop a name of an employee who made their day. Connect.

Do more than mention the name, date, and time of your next promotion.

What would it feel like to participate in your next promotion? Be as cheeky as your censors will let you. Reveal a means to better one’s chance of winning. Throw down a challenge only participation can satisfy.

With every sentence, with every promotion, with every coupon there is a story to tell. The objective is to increase the hang time of the investments that you’ve already made. The value of your efforts is not in the moment of your drawing, the redemption of a coupon, or the unveiling of the new restaurant. It’s in the anticipation of reward and the glow that follows. Good copy resonates and seeks to extend the hang time of endeavors.

Comments about Nicole Barker and her writing services:

“With Nicole, all I need to do is send her a subject and a flyer and a couple days later I receive my letter.  I don’t even need to think about it … it’s done! And most of all, I get the response from our customers, whether it is a letter to inactive players, a special event invite or a pardon-our-dust notification. She speaks my voice!”

– Jenynne DeNoble, General Manager, BJ’s Bingo

Nicole Barker