You Know It’s Time to Redo Your Hotel Rooms When …

Sophisticated Hotel

You know when you’re in an outdated hotel room when:

  1. You have to reach behind the bed stand and unplug the clock radio to plug in your phone.
  2. The bathtub is either too high or awkward to get into, or it is too small to have a good soak.
  3. There’s a bedspread.
  4. Next to the toilet there’s a phone.
  5. The mini bar has nothing in it.
  6. The shape of the mattress is like a wading pool.
  7. The room smells like industrial cleaner.
  8. You’ve seen the same artwork in many other hotels (and motels) across the country

You know you’ve chosen the right hotel room when:

  1. You can check-in through your mobile phone,
  2. Your first reaction is, “Now this is really cool.”
  3. You can connect to WiFi easily.
  4. The bed is double sheeted and screams clean and fresh.
  5. You actually notice the handles on the doors, the closets, and the drawer pulls – as they are solid and feel good to touch.
  6. The linens and towels are soft and luxurious.
  7. There’s artwork that you’ve never seen before done by a local artisan.
  8. There is no bathtub, but who cares, the shower is amazing.
  9. There is plenty of lighting and all are easily adjustable.

John’s take on refreshing your hotel rooms:

  1. Always connect back to your brand – does your brand end at the elevator from the casino floor?
  2. Do your research first – ask your customers what they want, before assuming that you know already.
  3. Spend on what people touch – towels, hardware, bed linens, etc.
  4. Your technology should match what your guests are used to at home – can guests easily use their mobile devices in the hotel room?
  5. Offer a room experience that is different than anywhere else – surprise your guests with a piece of furniture, a lamp, a sculpture, or a pad of paper and pen that is unique.
  6. Have something in the room that is going to create a memory for your guests – does the bed feel so comfortable that they’ll remember it as their best night of sleep ever?
  7. Pay attention to the details – rubber baseboards, metal trim around the shower, and paper coffee cups don’t speak quality. Even the way the towels are rolled can create a nice display.
  8. Hire a company that can work with you – from your idea stage through the very last step of putting the right soap in the soap dish, and won’t try to make a profit on everything in between.

John Stewart