Attractions or Facilities to Increase Tribal Revenues?

Increase Tribal Revenues

It’s well known that the Native community and gaming industry have formed a very successful symbiotic relationship. Gaming has served as a key driver of increased Tribal revenues. It has added to the financial strength for many Tribes. This contribution guides their quest to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency. New Sources of Revenue Although gaming…

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Are You Giving Your Guest the Best Hotel Experience?

Hotel Experience

Take this 14 Question Survey We all work hard throughout the year, and enjoy the time that we have away from the office. We may take weeks to plan, schedule and anticipate the experience to come. Most of us have very few days to get away, and we want our time to be spent in…

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How to Design Happiness – Part III

John Stewart

Creating a memorable guest experience We’ve all had that experience where our nose picks up a familiar scent and we’re instantly flooded with emotions and memories that take us back to that exact moment in time. Just from the simple smell of something from our past, we are immediately transported there – an ex-girlfriend’s perfume,…

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Who Comes First – An Architect or a Contractor?

Architect Design

Key questions that can save you millions A friend of mine, Jodi, remodeled her bathroom after a leak caused major damage. Wanting to save money, she bought fixtures and cabinets from one of the big-box stores, tile and flooring from another. She hired a bunch of “guys” to install the tile, plumbing, and cabinets. She…

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How to Design Happiness – Part II


Focus on the Actual Experience John Stewart Have you ever had an amazing experience, but couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was that made it so special? You may remember the obvious things, like an exceptional meal, superior service or beautiful scenery, but what was it that made this experience stand out among…

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How to Design Happiness – Part I

Modern Room

How your property can capitalize on anticipation The importance and influence of design is becoming more and more mainstream. You can design your dream closet, your Paleo-friendly meal kit, your own personalized Nike shoe, and there is even a whole philosophy about designing your perfect life and career. So what if I told you that…

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How to Make Your Casino Resort Top of Mind for …

Girls Night Out

A girls’ night out, couples weekend getaways, and just for the fun of it In a recent article by fellow Raving Partner, Deana Scott, she asked why casinos are concentrating so much on Millennials, instead of the target market of the 45-60 year old female who has discretionary income. She had several spot-on ideas to…

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How Your Remodel Will Impact Your Revenue

Remodel Construction

How to manage your remodel (and not lose excess money) … While you’re open for business Whether you’re planning a carpet replacement or something considerably larger, there are several steps you can take to ensure that the impact on revenue during this time is minimized and your opportunities to build excitement are maximized. We’ve worked…

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