Is Service the Loser in Today’s Hotel Operations?

The guest experience in the hotel industry has seen some dramatic changes over the past year. Here to put those changes into perspective is Raving’s Hospitality Partner, Brett Magnan.

If you don’t know Brett or his backstory, listen in. He started his lifelong journey in hospitality – as a kid growing up in the hotel business overseas sneaking chocolates from maid carts. After attending hotel school, his path included commercial hotels and small luxury properties; a hotel-opening on the Strip and eight years in Tribal gaming hospitality – all leading to his career today, helping Tribal and commercial casinos nationwide open and optimize their hotel and Food & Beverage operations.

How has the guest experience at hotels changed over the past year?

From this wide scope of experience, Brett has a distinct outlook on the reactive changes in our hotel operations, primarily the difference in service over the past year. What environment are we creating for our guests? While we’re forced to spend more on cleaning and face capacity limits, how do we stay profitable? And, will our competition figure it out first?

Are you looking at cost-per-occupied room, marketing strategy and positioning, plus the technology that services all of our amenities and hotel products?  It’s time to start.

No doubt Brett has a rooted passion for hotel operations with his 50-year background in hospitality (yes, he did start as a child!). He can help you move from a reactive approach to meeting your long-term goals. Don’t miss his new Hospitality On Air series launching soon! Subscribe to to catch his next episode and receive invites to hospitality roundtables with Brett.

Brett L. Magnan