How to Engage More Players and Drive More Trips

Call Center

It’s as simple as a phone call: Engage more players and drive more trips

As casino executives, we often devote most of our direct marketing and player development resources to top end players. We make personalized phone calls to our big spenders while allowing simple mailers to take care of players who typically spend less. However, many teams are missing out on a huge volume of opportunities to grow the middle segment of players.

Senior Raving partner Nicole Barker recently presented some valid questions around the communication and promotion within our direct marketing programs when she said:

“Do you ask yourself whether the player feels closer to the casino and its brand after digesting the piece? Monthly, we have a chance to connect with customers. Rarely does the monthly mailer do this as an extension of our brand or as an expression of the property’s unique personality.”

Ask yourself, does your monthly mailer really make your guests feel connected to your casino? Is it personal enough? Does it make your guest feel special, important, and like there are unique opportunities awaiting them? In a few cases, mailers may get the job done, but for most players, it won’t. So, what can be done to connect with more players and drive more trips and spending?

When executed properly, adding a personal phone call from your staff will create an extremely intimate and unique way of connecting with your players. Talking to a real person who can discuss current promotions and have a real conversation about the guest’s playing habits can make each of your players feel like a VIP! Your phone staff becomes an extension of your properties unique brand and personality! If you are consistent, your guests will look forward to these personal calls, thus increasing their loyalty to your property. This increase in loyalty could result in several additional trips per month.

Here are three suggested actions that you can take, even with limited staff, to connect with your guests, drive more trips, and ultimately impact the bottom line:

  1. Dedicate a few team members within your call center or player development team to make outbound calls.
  2. Provide your team with accurate data and information regarding the guest, their offers, and the promotions available to them.
  3. Cross-train other team members with accurate data.

When personalized phone calls are coupled with mailers, we have found that response rates increase by as much as 75% percent! If you really want to drive more trips and encourage more spending, coupling a personalized call with your monthly mailer is one of the most effective strategies for accomplishing your goal. If you don’t have the internal staff to launch this call program, consider outsourcing. With firms like Engagex, you can try it out on a single project or campaign, part-time while you figure a few things out internally, or whatever fits the needs of your team. Mention Raving Flash and get your first month for free!

Daniel Wood