Prospecting Strategies for Player Development

Five steps to finding “new” guests using the phone The debate among Player Development teams will always be a challenge: what is the best use of my time? Nurturing existing relationships or finding “new” guests? While the answer to that question will likely always be a moving target, what I can tell you is that…

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Build Long-Term Loyalty with Your Players Using the Phone

build loyalty over the phone

One of the best jokes about sales people goes something like this, “Ever wonder how to get a sales person to stop working? Just put a telephone in front of them.” I have heard this joke in a variety of renditions over the years, and have personally seen it with teams I have managed. As…

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Predictable Growth for PD

Prospects Clients Growth

How to prospect new business by using the phone Lead prospecting is one of the most challenging aspects of any sales organization. It always has been, and likely always will be. Why is that? Because it sucks … and it takes relentless focus, determination and persistence. These same characteristics also happen to make up the…

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Have We Lost Touch with the Human Side of Our Business?

Human Side Business

Hosts and player development teams are an essential part of any property’s success, but how much of their time is actually spent having human-to-human interactions with guests? At this July’s Host Development Conference, fellow Raving Partner, Janet Hawk, said, “It’s not about how many calls you make or how many appointments you set or how…

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Getting Through to Your Guests

Daniel Wood

How to avoid the dreaded appearance of “telemarketing” or “spam” calls A good friend of mine recently told me, “I never answer my home phone, since now I’m afraid that it’s just a spam call. And right now, there are probably five new calls on my phone, cleared from last week, and they’re most likely…

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How Effective Are Your Outbound Calls?

Call Center

Assess the effectiveness of your outbound calling — take this quiz! If you utilize outbound callers to engage with your players and encourage additional spending, you likely understand the value and the revenue potential of personal phone contacting. After all, it makes financial sense to assign hosts to create relationships with high-value clients, right? Why…

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Utilizing an Additional Channel of Contact for Better Results

Daniel Wood and Carter Buck of Engagex

How to utilize your staff to drive more trips and impact flat revenues Casino executives often devote most of their resources to top-end players, while devoting fewer resources to lower valued players, thus missing out on opportunities to grow the middle segment of their database. Chances are that there’s a group of players that is…

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