Better Ways for Hosts to Build their Book of Business

Book of Business

It’s not just a list: How hosts can build their book of business

So many times, I see management hand their hosts a list and tell them, “This is your book of business. GO!” No guidance, no goal, no methodology, no rhyme or reason. This is a quick road to frustration for not only your PD team but for management. Frustration leads to failure quickly. To avoid this, here are a few guidelines and suggestions that will help not only give your team a more defined path to follow but will increase revenue if done correctly!

First, you need to determine WHAT:

1. Define what is most important and focus on it!

You can’t do everything all the time. An analysis will help you see where the opportunities lie. There is likely some low hanging fruit that has been overlooked and will yield quick results. This is something that should be done often. Quarterly, determine what you want the hosts to focus on. Is it growing theoretical? Actual? Number of trips? Acquisition? Continue to use analysis to track progress and adjust accordingly.

2. Put a plan into action!

What tactics will you use based on the information you gleaned from analysis? Develop a specific sales campaign for each customer based on the goals and strategies you are focused on. For instance, if your hosts are focusing on the “meaty middle” segment (low value = 150 to 300 ADT; low trips), a little extra attention can go a long way in achieving increased growth. These players are normally flying in under the radar and are quite often ignored.

3. Help your hosts stay accountable.

Support is everything when you want to see good results. Keep in touch weekly to discuss successes and listen for difficulties. If they need guidance, coach them! This is a team sport!

Now, you’ve determined what, let’s address HOW:

1. Study and learn!

You can’t sell what you don’t know. You also can’t sell to someone you don’t know!! Before your hosts have their initial contact with a guest, they need to do their homework … learn!! Cookie cutter, high pressure, arm-twisting techniques will get them nowhere. This is NOT telemarketing! Take the time and do the work to not only completely know your product (the casino and all you have to offer) but also your consumer (the player/guest).

Many hosts get nervous with this part, especially when it involves the telephone. Keep in mind that guests determine whether or not they want to be contacted when they sign up for the players club card! So, when they are contacted by a host who wants to help make their casino experience better and more personalized, they are thrilled!

2. Use your tools!

Look your guests up in the system! What does the information in the system tell you? You will use different techniques depending on the initial information you get about the guest:

  • Are they local? Drive in? Fly in?
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Frequency
  • Gaming preferences

3. Listen, learn, and learn some more!

When you finally reach out to the guest, listening is key! Remember, it’s about them … not you. It is how you learn and should always be on their terms. Ask questions, then listen! Start with basics:

  • When is a good time to talk?
  • What is your preferred method of contact?
  • What brought you to our property?
  • How can we help make your gaming experience more enjoyable?

People will talk when it’s about them and will share information when they know why. This is where you begin to build a relationship and trust with your guests. Not every contact needs to involve an offer either!

Building your book of business takes time. Clarify your WHAT and HOW. Develop a plan and hold your team (and yourself) accountable. The hard work will pay off!

Janet Hawk