Is Your Kiosk Being Optimized as a Marketing Tool?

casino kiosk on gaming floor

Most casinos are deploying new kiosk applications for their loyalty members to avoid lines at guest services counters. On these kiosks, players can check balances, print new cards, add credit to their cards, etc.

But it’s more than just avoiding lines; kiosks are so sophisticated now, and they are an incredible marketing tool. Market movers are leading the pack by adopting kiosks as their preferred digital channel by offering marketing promotions that can be only redeemed at a kiosk machine.

In this brief, we suggest a step-by-step process to transform a kiosk application to a profitable network edge device. You can achieve this by maximizing the revenue from kiosks through marketing automation and loyalty integration.

Step-by-Step Process for Kiosk Revenue Optimization

  1. Do the background research and select the vendor(s) for the kiosk, marketing, and loyalty applications.
  2. Collect, groom and import customer information (first & last name, email address, mobile number). Additionally, add historical transactions from the legacy system such as CRS, PMS, POS, CRM.
  3. Ensure the legacy POS and new kiosk application are set up to capture non-sensitive player information (first & last name) from the credit card, gift card and voucher payments for every live transaction processed. You also want this information stored in real-time in the new marketing application.
  4. Set up the new marketing application with the business logic/objects, data model, data attributes, customer segmentation, etc. Make sure these are specific to the property under consideration.
  5. Set up the new loyalty application with the property specific business logic/objects/data model/attributes, loyalty programs, membership tiers, referral programs, etc.
  6. Integrate the new marketing application with all of the digital channels mentioned in step #2 including any available customer information, customer insights on purchases, information queries, etc.
  7. Set up the new marketing application to deliver general marketing campaigns and individualized marketing campaigns with a recommendation engine via the new kiosk application.
  8. Set up the new marketing application to continually enrich the user profile with the customer insights and purchases captured from the new Kiosk application. Furthermore, update the new loyalty application on member transactions/loyalty points.

What Happens Next?

If set up correctly, your kiosks can capture incredibly valuable information about your patrons that the cage or players club may miss. Through kiosks, you can get the most up-to-date data on your players. This includes email address, postal address, shopping preferences, mobile number, and even game preference. Other benefits? Casinos can also see a saving on payroll and can use kiosks for delivering new player promotions.

To find out more about kiosk optimization or Raving’s many strategic marketing solutions, contact Amy Hergenrother at [email protected] or 775-329-7864.


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