Digital and Social Media Team Members

digital marketing through covid-19

How these essential employees help communicate and create ways to engage with your local and online communities

Our industry is effectively shut down and yet it’s extremely hard to quiet the noise, and focus on work. Those of us working on digital and social media marketing solutions, online customer service, reputation management, and public relations have been quite busy. Many casinos recognized this often-forgotten essential worker classification, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You have these people working at your property and may have only recently realized their importance. They are your social media strategists, content developers, webmasters, marketing coordinators, digital marketing managers, public relations managers, call center team, and other communication workers; basically they are the essential workers at your property responsible for communicating with team members and guests.

Online is the Frontline

This classification of worker is certainly on the front-lines of the action right now for your business. They are responding to hundreds of questions, comments, and messages. They are drafting cancellation and closure notices, preparing re-opening statements and strategies. Then, establishing the proper procedures for publishing and presenting them to your guests and team. They’re talking to your players and team members and keeping them informed, as best they can, with the information they’re given. They may not be an apples-to-apples comparison to the heroes risking their lives to save others, like the medical community and grocery workers, but they are certainly helping to keep the world working in some semblance of normalcy amid a world of change.

The world did not stop in the wake of the global pandemic, it shifted to something new. Virtual meetings with stakeholders and team members, live streaming concerts on social media channels, food donations from our restaurants, offering support to local communities by any means necessary, all while trying to manage the flow of information to team members, guests, and vendors. The pinging, dinging, and ringing of group texts, emails, and social media notifications is borderline relentless in the midst of all our other concerns right now.

Communicate, Engage, Entertain

We have to remember that we are in the business of entertainment through all of this, and we should be asking how well equipped we are to handle our business online and provide entertainment to our loyal guests, players, and everyone seeking a much-needed escape from the dumpster-fire that is 2020. Your essential employees can help communicate and create ways to engage with your local and online communities.

While casinos are closed to visitors, the digital world remains open for business. Properties with mobile apps and social games available saw an uptick in downloads and online casino gaming activity. Website traffic is up and social media channels are bustling with activity and new engagements. We have seen some incredibly innovative actions taken by many properties to engage with their local communities.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Online Engagement

  • Are you able to provide entertainment and engage with your players while closed?
  • Were you prepared for the increased volume of online interactions?
  • Did you have processes and people to handle your digital marketing needs?
  • Can you see opportunities to improve your website, mobile app, email/texting program, and social media strategies?
  • What are you doing to prepare for future temporary closures?
  • Do you offer online ordering for food & beverage?
  • Can your players participate in casino games online, paid or free-play?
  • How long does it take your property to respond to a customer online?

A New Normal

The industry will not go back to normal, instead it will continue to shift and change into something new. As we begin to see progress in curbing the spread of COVID-19, our conversations shift from cancellations and closures to re-openings and rescheduling events and promotions. In the meantime, people are trapped at home. And continue turning to social media, websites, and mobile apps for entertainment.

Casinos should consider how their brands can utilize this opportunity to connect with players on another level during this hard time. Provide your players and future guests with the interactions and escapes they crave through your mobile apps, websites, and social media channels.

Social distancing, self-quarantines, stay-at-home orders, checking temperatures, wearing gloves and face masks, and temporary business closures may not be a thing of the past. This could become the new normal and our use of technology could be the most important asset we have to connect with our players and continue operating on some level.

It’s imperative we take the time to review and assess our digital marketing solutions. Ask the hard questions about our systems and processes, our team members we have operating these essential functions, and ultimately be prepared for the future of gaming.

Justin Shank