Digital and Social Media Team Members

digital marketing through covid-19

How these essential employees help communicate and create ways to engage with your local and online communities Our industry is effectively shut down and yet it’s extremely hard to quiet the noise, and focus on work. Those of us working on digital and social media marketing solutions, online customer service, reputation management, and public relations…

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Six Steps to DIY Social Media Marketing for Casinos

Six Steps Social Media Marketing for Casinos

In today’s media landscape, traditional advertising methods can only take you so far. If your casino isn’t advertising on social media, the simple fact is you’re leaving money on the table. All of the major social media platforms give you the option to create a business account which will give you the power to reach…

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Forget Polished Graphics for Social Media Marketing

Why pictures of your players will drive more social engagement Why do people go on social media? Most would say that it is to consume content. Sure, connecting with family and friends is nice too, but that doesn’t drive the billions of dollars in revenue required to keep these companies running. As marketers, knowing that…

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Reputation Management as Guest Service

Justin Shank Raving NEXT Conference

Developing a framework and process In my Raving Flash Report, I spent some time walking through the strategic benefits of reputation management and how your property can use it to improve guest relationships, enhance your brand positioning, and continue to improve the guest experience at your property. In this article I want to take that…

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Are You Using the Best Tools for Social Media Marketing?

Facebook Business Manager Advertising

Like most of marketing, social media advertising evolves at a voracious pace, which is what makes it exciting. Along with your growing daily task list, social media marketing is one of those things that falls victim to routine. We developed a process and expectations, then we rarely deviate from that routine. It becomes easy for…

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Phonebooks, Facebook and Change …


Coming to grips with the digital age Remember when we used to advertise in phonebooks? If you’re under the age of 30, this may be a bit of a foreign concept, but phonebooks were a necessary piece of our advertising puzzle. We advertised in them because they were an important resource for people (customers) in…

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Welcome to Reputation Management

Welcome To Reputation Management

Whether you’re the only game in town or smack dab in the middle of a highly competitive market – reputation matters. Liken to the days when word-ofmouth ruled the marketing world, social media can be the all-mighty maker and breaker of your online reputation. By creating a culture at your organization that values online reputation…

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If Your Digital Marketing Sucks … Your Social Casino Will Too

Social Media

Maybe it’s not quite as dramatic as my headline suggests, but it is important for our marketing and operations teams to understand that digital marketing is essential for the success of the social gaming platform. To manage the expectations of your team to drive new users to the social gaming experience effectively, you should evaluate…

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Standalone Revenue Center or Integrated Marketing Tool?

Justin Shank

Your options for social gaming at your casino There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to onboarding a social casino at your property: a) Create a standalone revenue center; b) Integrate with your players club and utilize as a marketing tool. Brick and mortar gaming operations have to make the distinction early…

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Football and Social Gaming


Why you need to play to win Justin Shank The greatest time of the year has finally arrived – Football is back! The college and professional football seasons are officially underway and those of us who have been aimlessly searching for a close substitute these past few months can finally sit back and enjoy our…

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