Five Things to Consider in Producing Effective Video


With so many ways to consume video that go beyond television: smart phones, tablets, laptops … your marketing plan should include producing videos that promote your property, build a strong brand and reach your audience. The big question is: What type of video is right for you?

Production companies will tell you most businesses want a professional, quality video, but nobody wants to pay professional prices. But just because HD cameras are inexpensive, doesn’t mean good video concepts and editing takes time.

Here are five tips to consider when planning your budget to produce videos.

Tip #1: It’s an Investment, not an Expense

Instead of thinking about video as an expense, start thinking of video as an investment. Producing great video content is a smart and effective investment that will yield results and build your brand.

Tip #2: Producing Quality Video Can Save You Time and Money

Hiring a production company that comes in with the lowest price may seem like a good idea at the time, but could cost you. If someone’s price estimate is considerably lower than that of everyone else, chances are there’s a reason why. Be careful and select your production company wisely.

Tip #3: Professional Video Has a Longer Shelf Life

A professional video crew will give you clean, smart footage that not only works for one video, but for multiple videos on all platforms. Having access to good footage may be worth the extra investment, as you will be able to repurpose it for a variety of videos, even over a few years.

Tip #4: Low-Quality Video can Damage your Brand Image

This is just like having a poor website or poor customer support. If your video has a lower quality look, then consumers will associate your brand as inferior. You want your property and brand to be viewed as the best, so why not promote it with attractive imagery that captivates and conveys a strong story.

Brightcove provided statistics on how low-quality video creates negative impact. They found that 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand after experiencing a poor-quality video, while 60% no longer want to engage with the brand.

Tip #5: Professional Shoots Go Smoother

Utilizing a professional crew allows you to do your job, while they do their job.

When hiring an inexpensive crew, chances are you’ll find yourself having to do extra work. Suddenly you’re casting actors, having to create shooting schedules, or being involved in production logistics, when you already have enough on your plate.

Now, does this mean you should go out and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your next video? Only if your budget and market call for that. But, as video is one of the most powerful and effective ways to promote your property, make room in your budget for a strong, well thought out, quality video that showcases your brand and property effectively.

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Mark Astone