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What’s Missing from My Marketing Budget?

Casino Marketing Budget - Budget Folder

How to factor in technology changes, competition and capital improvements For many properties, this summer will bring the process of putting together their FY2020 marketing budgets. With the number of changes in technology, competition, and market strength, evaluating how to allocate your budget has become a more critical aspect of the process. With the reduction…

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Five Ways to Move the Needle

Move the Needle

It’s not too late for revenue-generating tactics in your advertising and marketing First of all, Happy New Year! By the time this is published, you will have made it through the holidays, and your first quarter is officially underway. Your promotions and budget are set, and you are ready to start a brand new year!…

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Are You Getting Enough Juice from Your Digital Advertising

Three critical questions to evaluate your program In the 25 years since the launch of the first clickable web banner, the industry has continually reinvented itself as new technologies have become available. Digital marketing capabilities seem to evolve on a daily basis. This is why it is important to continually optimize and measure your digital…

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Online Tools to Increase Direct Mail Effectiveness

Online Marketing Tools

How additional touchpoints, such as IP targeting, will drive action As we all know, direct mail is an extremely effective medium to keep your guests coming back, because a good DM piece can hold everything from monthly offers and promotions, to concert announcements and dining specials. In addition to your monthly “core” mailers, direct mail…

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You Had Me at “Autocomplete”

Google Autocomplete

Many of our past Flash articles have focused on the importance of a strong digital advertising presence. Why is Catalyst such a big proponent of digital? Simple … because it works. From SEM to display to IP targeting, we’ve helped our clients find success online, resulting in stronger revenues for their properties. So, what’s next?…

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Trending in Media: Connected TV

Connected TV

Jump on this new TV outreach now Connected TV or Over-the-Top TV has been a growing trend in the last year. This type of TV viewing should not be a big surprise, as consumers take more control of how and when they watch TV. What may surprise you, however, is who is watching. The 55-plus…

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What Is the Middle Man Costing You?

Business People

Double-check where your digital dollars are going It is safe to say you are running some sort of digital advertising as part of your overall advertising plan (if not, maybe we should talk). What I love about digital is it can be highly targeted to your gamers and a gaming audience. The challenge is having…

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Billboard Technology

Billboard Technology

Yes, it exists, and this is how you can use it strategically A few months back, we talked about Data and the Human Factor. Technology (and big data) is every company’s favorite playground. Or at least it should be. Dead and gone are the days where we rely on a media sales rep to rattle…

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Is Your Casino Living Your Brand Promise?

Human Hands Hoorah

Your best chance at meeting (let alone exceeding) your customers’ expectations is to effectively manage their expectations from the very beginning. What your customers believe about their relationship and experience with your casino begins with your Brand Promise. Your Brand Promise is more than a clever marketing tagline and even more than a company philosophy.…

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Is It Time For A Rebrand?

When many properties think of a rebrand, they jump to thoughts of their logo, colors, and perhaps their messaging. They tend to focus on the outcome of the creative process, as it is visual and tangible. However, a brand is not just a logo and a tagline, it is the fusion of complex human perceptions…

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