Casino Data Analytics Strategies for a Positive and Profitable Reopening

As a casino marketer, should you be telling your guests that all offers will be honored from a month or two ago or that their tier status will stay the same for the next six months? Our leading experts from the Raving Data Analytics team, Lynette O’Connell and Steve Dahle, are passionate about this question in this week’s Raving On Air episode. They share their candid thoughts on why we can’t reinvest in our players the same way we did before closure and how this is an opportunity (albeit a scary one) to incorporate major changes to our reinvestment strategies. They also discuss how to manage limited guest lists and how to make more targeted offers to players that are more profitable.

This episode of Raving On Air features Steve Dahle, Raving Partner, Data Analytics and Lynette O’Connell, Raving VP of Data Science and Operations interviewed by Raving CEO Deana Scott.

Lynette O’Connell