How Do We Keep the Energy Going without Large Concerts?

Certainly one of the largest absences at our casino properties this year is our concert lineup. Many organizations have built state of the art venues that are sitting empty. How do we recalibrate and renegotiate?

Current contracts, scheduling, and promotions are out the door for 2020; now we’re focused on postponements, new riders and smaller events.

Today we will discuss alternatives with Kell Houston, Owner/President of Houston Productions. Kell has worked in all aspects of the entertainment industry over the past 30 years, focusing for the last 15 years on Indian Gaming. He is a sought after speaker and entertainment industry expert and a Raving Partner. Kell is also on the Executive Board of Directors for the International Entertainment Buyers Association.

What do the new riders look like? Do two smaller shows pencil out? If meet and greets are done, what’s in it for our VIP players? For those of you sitting in the buyers chair, make sure you click on the interview and read Kell’s article on

Article – When and How Do We Introduce Our Entertainment Programs:

Kell Houston