Liz Palar Joins Raving Bringing Three Decades of Gaming Operations 

Right: We just met, tell me about yourself and what’s keeping you up at night.
Wrong: Let me tell you about our company and how we can fix your problem.

Have you ever had this experience with a vendor? We certainly have! That’s why it took us a long time to find the “right” person to grow our team and ensure the perfect fit for our clients.

Drum roll, please …

Introducing Liz Palar, Raving’s newest team member and Director of Client Services. It took us a while to find a relationship-builder and current operator who could speak the language of our gaming clients and was ready to jump to the “vendor” side. We know people say it’s all about relationships, but at Raving, we mean it – many of you have known our team for over two decades!

Smart as a whip and super easy to talk and laugh with, Liz has over 30 years of experience as a successful casino operator in highly competitive markets. She has a deep understanding of the challenges operators face in gaming and is leveraging her knowledge and Raving’s resources to help our clients achieve significant impacts to their bottom line.

What does that mean, really?

She “gets” the day-to-day and month-to-month challenges that GMs and directors face. Because she’s experienced it herself, Liz understands that a normal week for a GM of a property can look like this: dealing with a burst pipe on the floor, a possible data breach, and a pending audit. On top of all that, this same GM needs to find the answer to why a VIP guest called them personally about bad service on the floor (not the first), why the senior data analyst position hasn’t been filled, and why the PD department didn’t meet their goals for the third quarter in a row.

Bottom line, Liz understands time is in short supply and has the background to let you cut to the chase.

As you can tell, we’re thrilled to have found the right person to connect with our clients. She’ll become a familiar face at events and the voice on the phone when you call to say, “Hey Raving, we need some help.”

Where You Can Meet Liz!

You can meet Liz in person at several upcoming industry events. Email [email protected] or call her 720-884-7040 to connect for coffee onsite:

Washington Indian Gaming Show June 17-19 Tulalip, WA
Casino Marketing & Technology Conference July 16-18 Reno, NV
Oklahoma Indian Gaming Show August 12-14 Oklahoma City, OK
National Native American Human Resources Association Annual Conference September 23-25 Durant, OK
Global Gaming Expo, October 7-10 Las Vegas, NV

What makes this business fun and rewarding is the opportunity to interact with colleagues, clients, and subscribers like you. We greatly appreciate our relationship and look forward to you getting to know our newest Raver.