Raving Director of Client Services

Liz Palar

Elizabeth Palar joins Raving as a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in casino operations, recruitment, training, hotel management, and hospitality. Her expertise spans various domains, including executive and senior leadership roles, player development, marketing, training and development, business growth and development, and relationship building. Her rich history allows her to connect operators with resources that drive revenue growth and cost savings. Elizabeth has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by casinos and leverages her knowledge to develop custom programs that make a significant impact and propel teams forward.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth has excelled in hyper-competitive markets, consistently implementing effective strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, increase profitability, drive player acquisition, and foster increased loyalty, all while ensuring budgetary compliance. Her extensive experience in markets both in the US and abroad has earned her a strong reputation for building long-term relationships, employing a solution-oriented approach, and understanding client needs and goals.

In addition to her professional background, Elizabeth holds certifications as a Key License Holder from the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Gaming, TIPS Trainer/Facilitator for responsible alcohol service, and True Colors Certified Trainer/Facilitator for temperament and personality typing programs.

Elizabeth earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business, Psychology & Marketing from the University of Colorado. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities, learning to golf, and traveling to new destinations. Currently residing in Wheat Ridge, CO, Her strategic approach and commitment to delivering results make her a valuable asset to the Raving team and the clients she serves.