It’s Not About Competition, But Collaboration

In today’s interview, Deana talks to two of the most respected leaders in the industry. They are operating in some of the largest Indian gaming markets, Oklahoma and Northern California. We’ve been drawn to both of them the last several years as they are known for their collaborative leadership style. It’s a way of leading that it’s not always easy to do; the more people you bring to the table, the longer sometimes it takes to reach decisions, but those decisions can be sustained. And these executives have a lot of decisions to make right now.

Please join me in welcoming Melanie Heskett, GM, Indigo Sky Casino, and Eastern Shawnee Tribal Member and Kari Stout Smith, GM and COO, Cache Creek Casino Resort as they talk about what it’s like to go from leading a full scale operation to looking at an empty casino floor. How they are “mastering” uncertainty, compact negotiations and not just opening up, but opening up safely. They are being tested with probably one of the largest events in their careers thus far.