Top Five Benefits for Tribal Gaming to Work with Your Health Division

emplooyee getting thermal scan

By Guest Contributor, Karen Knight, MLS, CHFP, CRCR, CSMC, Partner, Face Rock Enterprises- A Tribal Consulting Firm

Traditionally, Tribal gaming and health divisions have not worked together much; however, that is changing and it’s a good thing. I receive a lot of questions on how to maximize the advantage or one-up Tribes have on their competition.

Here are the top five benefits of working with your Tribal health clinic/division to maximize revenue for your Tribe as a whole:

1. Bragging or marketing benefits during COVID

Many casinos and Tribal businesses are using apps to track employee exposure and symptoms for COVID. Whether you use an app or personnel, the public will never know what you are doing unless you tell them.

If you can advertise that your employees are monitored at every shift by “medical professionals,” it means more than just stating, they are monitored. Adding trained medical professionals adds a sense of safety and trust to patrons.

2. Clinics nationwide are reporting low volumes due to COVID, which effects revenue

Most clinics were supplied rapid COVID testing machines and kits from Indian Health Services (IHS) at zero cost. Clinics can test your employees; most have a drive-thru testing clinic available.

3. Clinics can apply for COVID dollars to help treat and test patients

The bottom line is this brings more federal funds into the Tribe. Some Tribal clinics are approved to test both Native and non-Native members.

4. If your Tribe is a direct service Tribe and does not operate your own clinic/health system, you can still benefit

Contact your local IHS clinic or area office They are there to help Tribes and have funding available for testing and treatment of COVID.

5. There are benefits for both casinos and clinics outside of COVID

Clinics can help develop safety programs for employees. Drug screening. Pre-employment physicals. Workers’ Comp. Flu shots. Lower costs. Employee behavioral health assistance.

For questions, please contact Karen Knight with Face Rock Enterprises, a Tribal consulting firm, at [email protected]

Tyler Moore