The Emotional Toll of Not Knowing What Comes Next

We spend a lot of time talking about how to keep our businesses moving forward, how to keep our doors open and how to keep our teams and guests healthy. But through our roles as leaders, sometimes we forget about our individual well-being and the emotional toll of not knowing what comes next.

Helping us through this is Stephanie Somanchi, Raving Partner, who has a MBA and PhD in Social Science. She works with numerous Fortune 500 organizations that serve clients nationally in the area of leadership and personal development.

She is a recurring contributor to CBS MoneyWatch and WebMD articles as well as a regular guest contributor to radio and TV.

She addresses how we can personally calibrate ourselves for the time we’re in … and use our curiosity to find solutions and to help us stay sane! And it first starts with acknowledging we don’t have all the answers but we will find a solution.

One of my most favorite articles Stephanie has written for us during this time is called, Meltdown to Success. You can also ready her most current article, where she talks about how approaching challenges through curiosity is a very useful tool which will lead us to answers.

Stephanie Somanchi