Tribal Health Plans, COVID and CARES ACT

Many casinos and Tribal organizations are doing huge volumes of COVID testing. They’re now facing the tremendous cost of COVID treatment. Then there’s understanding the CARES Act. As we enter the health plan renewal season for calendar year plans, there are some additional impacts of COVID that many had not thought about. Today, I’ve interviewed…

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Top Five Benefits for Tribal Gaming to Work with Your Health Division

emplooyee getting thermal scan

By Guest Contributor, Karen Knight, MLS, CHFP, CRCR, CSMC, Partner, Face Rock Enterprises- A Tribal Consulting Firm Traditionally, Tribal gaming and health divisions have not worked together much; however, that is changing and it’s a good thing. I receive a lot of questions on how to maximize the advantage or one-up Tribes have on their…

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Employer-Sponsored Biometric Screening

Employer-Sponsored Biometric Screening - Tribal Entities

A very cost-effective way to create ROI within your health plan spend Several years ago, my firm received a call from a lab that we had contracted with on behalf of one of our Tribal casino clients. They had just completed the lab work for a biometric screening sponsored by the casino for its team…

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Wellness and Your Team Members

Wellness Health Care

How implementing an employer-sponsored wellness program is worth the gamble It is no secret that a healthy population leads to lower healthcare costs. With higher prevalence of diabetes, heart disease and substance abuse within Native populations, it is also no secret that Tribal employers are struggling with how to improve health within their benefit-covered members.…

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Catastrophic Illness, Your Tribe, Your Coverage

Health Insurance

Earlier this year, a Native American Tribe in the Northwest had an eye-opening experience with the self-funded plan that provides benefits to the Tribe and its enterprises. One of its plan members, who was not a tribal member, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder which resulted in prescription drug costs for this one member…

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