Tribal Health Plans, COVID and CARES ACT

Many casinos and Tribal organizations are doing huge volumes of COVID testing. They’re now facing the tremendous cost of COVID treatment. Then there’s understanding the CARES Act.

As we enter the health plan renewal season for calendar year plans, there are some additional impacts of COVID that many had not thought about. Today, I’ve interviewed two experts who will share their thoughts on the topic and who have also contributed an article (see below) to help address some of these factors.

The Face Rock team shares how the COVID pandemic is impacting health insurance plans for Native organizations and also provides some suggestions on how to work with your Tribe’s health clinic to utilize medical expertise and improve costs.

Tyler Moore has managed health benefit plans for Tribes for the past 20 years. He consults on many self-funded plans and continues to work with Tribal Organizations on their unique benefit needs. Karen Knight has a Masters of Legal Studies Indigenous Peoples Law from the University of Oklahoma Collage and a BS in Health Care Administration from University of Phoenix.

They give tips on how to look at at budgets for next year, evaluate current and project future claims, and factor in costs for treatment and diagnoses of COVID.

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Tyler Moore