Interview with Libby Francisco, Desert Diamond Casinos and Entertainment

“Who would have guessed? Who would have known?” shared Libby Francisco, COO at Desert Diamond Casinos and Entertainment. In this interview, we chat quite extensively about the challenges of communicating, effectively and consistently, throughout a large enterprise of 2,600 team members.

See, Libby oversees four properties, three properties in Southern Arizona and one in the West Valley of Phoenix, owned and operated by Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise. She shares that even though they are a multi-property organization, the emphasis has always been “one enterprise.”

What’s really interesting in this interview – that’s a bit different than others we’ve done – is that Libby really gets into the secret sauce on how they have kept safety front and center for their team members. Libby doesn’t mince words; the steps necessary to protect team members and their families is mandated. She talks about using training videos, incentives and other innovative ways to help the properties practice these new protocols.

Libby has over 25 years working in the gaming industry and her dedication and enthusiasm for the Tribe and her team comes through with passion.  She puts it very simply, “I take care of the enterprise and the enterprise takes care of me.”

Thank you Libby for your enthusiasm and sincerity!