Interview with Chris Archunde, Port Madison Enterprises

In today’s interview, Director of Marketing at Port Madison Enterprises, Chris Archunde, discusses how her experience opening a casino in Puerto Rico during the height of the recession back in 2009 most definitely helped her business approach during the last several months.

What she tells us echoes that of so many seasoned gaming professionals I’ve interviewed recently that have weathered natural and financial disasters: you can’t freak out, you can’t panic, you must keep a clear head, not everything is a disaster and every challenge can be overcome! Okay Chris, we’ve got it.

Are there some best practices at her operation that will last beyond the pandemic? For sure! She tells us that their communication with team members took a much more personal approach above and beyond an email; that they will continue to look at financials, staffing, play and reinvestment levels on a more regular basis; and that they’ve realized the opportunities in sharing data across other departments.

Thanks so much Chris for a great interview and we look forward to seeing you on the golf course soon!