Organizational Communication: Finding a Powerful Tool to Overcome Our Biggest Frustration

“Nobody told me.”

How many times have we heard that from a colleague or team member, after you knew darned well you did everything to get the information in their hands? It’s frustrating, right?

We know that successful communication in our organizations can be measured and connected to guest satisfaction; yet still, we struggle.

Listen to my conversation with Andrada Paraschiv, Vice President, Hospitality, Beekeeper on how technology is making huge impacts on gaming and hospitality organizations in more ways than you might think.

What we’ve relied on in the past to communicate within our organization – emails, posting on bulletin boards, putting flyers in paychecks – doesn’t work!

• With technology, we can put information directly in the hands of the user, no interpretation along the way, team members get the exact message that was intended.
• With technology specifically in today’s current climate, we can increase our efficiencies even working with much leaner teams.
• With technology, we can make sure critical information is getting into everyone’s hands when it comes to critical safety issues.
• With technology we can quickly react to our guest’s needs.

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