Multi-Channel Marketing: Three Tools to Get the Response You Need

Multi-Channel Marketing

Marketing and advertising educators have always said the more you touch the consumer with your message, the more familiar they become with your brand. There should not be much protest to this point. After all, most of us don’t hesitate to grab a Kleenex when we are sick or to order a Coke at a restaurant. We don’t use the generic terms “tissue” or “brown carbonated drink.” These are, of course, huge national brands with much larger marketing and advertising budgets than most of the casinos we all represent. However, the principle still stands true and is applicable on a smaller level as well through additional, multiple, channels of communication.

So what can we do outside of a multi-million dollar television campaign? Lots of things through lots of different channels like direct mail, email, outbound calling, triggered automation and texting.

Direct Mail

Direct mail has always been, and still should be, the foundation of casino marketing programs. Just reference Raving’s 2nd Annual Indian Gaming Marketing Survey! But, as postage costs, paper costs and labor costs continue to rise, casino marketers are looking for ways to get better results, as in higher response rates, without spending more on direct mail alone. Less expensive channels like email have become great tools to augment and support direct mail efforts, either as a pre-mail notice to “watch your mailbox for your offers” or, as a follow-up reminder to a direct mail offer to “be sure to redeem your rewards.” A comprehensive email program may also be successful on its own.

Outbound Calling

Casino marketers are also turning to outbound calling as a means of increasing response, either as a follow-up to direct mail offers and even as stand-alone campaigns. Many casino marketers will tell you the executive hosts have always made calls to their players to try to motivate additional visits. What we’re talking about here is calling to the “Meaty Middle” as everyone’s favorite data geek, Raving Senior Partner, Nicole Barker, likes to call them. This group of players is often forgotten outside direct mail and really shouldn’t be considering how valuable they are to your bottom line.

Triggered Automation Messaging

Another channel to consider is Triggered Automation messaging. You can program automated searches of your data for players meeting specific criteria within specific timeframes. Once the criteria have been met, an offer can be sent to the player immediately via direct mail, email or text message with details of the offer and redemption requirements. It could be something as simple as a search for players that have not yet redeemed monthly loyalty offers or players who have exceeded the requirements of their current club level. Both may be motivated to visit again if they know there is a reward waiting for them. A monthly direct mail offer alone doesn’t take care of these players.

Tami Jones