A Study in Data Hygiene

Data Hygeine Direct Mail

What is it, and why is it important for casino database marketing? I’ve written quite a few articles in which I make the assertion that your player database is your most valuable asset, and that it is imperative to keep it clean and up to date at all times. This will save direct mail print…

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Best Practices in Email Marketing – Part II of II

Email Marketing

A crash course for building a solid framework for success When we last met in Part I, we talked about the importance of getting familiar with CAN-SPAM rules (legal dos and don’ts of email marketing), keeping data accurate, email appends, opt-ins and unsubscribes. This time let’s talk about the best practices of putting together the…

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Best Practices in Email Marketing – Part I of II

Tami Jones Raving NEXT

A crash course for building a solid framework for success Whether you’ve just started your email marketing program or have been at it for years; if you’re increasing your frequency or changing providers, there’s a lot to know about delivery, open rates and permissions. What was the rule of thumb a decade ago, has changed.…

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Asking the Right Questions About Variable Printing

As a savvy marketing director, your goal is to get your variable mailers printed for a competitive price and with a provider that gives you excellent service, right? And the more you know about your printing options, the more you can compare apples to apples on pricing, print time and flexibility from different vendors. That’s…

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The State of Direct Mail

Tami Jones

Despite increasing costs and new technology, it’s still a casino marketer’s bread and butter I know I’m a little late, but keeping in the spirit of the State of the Union address, I can confidently say that the State of Direct Mail is STRONG. According to Raving’s 2nd Annual Indian Gaming National Marketing Survey released…

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Are There Holes In Your Most Valuable Asset?

Another year has gone, and a new year has taken over. You’ve recovered from the New Year’s Eve festivities (maybe), you have your new budgets, and things are gaining speed. Postage rates have gone up (January 2018), so it’s time to look at your data once again and make sure that it is accurate and…

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