Raving Launches New Casino Marketing Checkup Program

Tom Osiecki Raving Conference

In the business of good fortune, luck has nothing to do with it

CEOs hire personal growth consultants. Business leaders hire business coaches. Successful executives take personal growth courses. Everyone reads success articles, listens to blogs and watches videos to improve.

In today’s business environment, change and adaptability are the norm.

Personal achievement is a cottage industry used by a large percentage of people who want to improve and grow.

Until now, there are very few choices for casino marketing departments that want to grow and succeed.

Raving recognized that, in the casino industry, programs that assist marketing departments reach their full potential were nonexistent.

Raving’s new Marketing Checkup program was created to fill that void.

Waiting for the right set of circumstances or the appropriate time never works.

Raving Marketing Checkup is a seven-step program created to help casino marketing departments grow to the next level of success.

The goal of Raving Marketing Checkup is to evolve your present casino marketing planning, and execution into a successful department that will efficiently grow revenues while positively targeting the right guests at the right time.

Raving Marketing Checkup will furnish decision makers and stakeholders with a course of action that will identify the challenges facing your property and offer options and plans based on analysis provided by Raving Partners.

Raving CEO Deana Scott sees Raving Marketing Checkup as a clear path to more efficient, impactful use of marketing expense. “Marketing is one of the highest casino management expenses. Raving Marketing Checkup is a powerful tool that will help gain market share using data points to generate revenue channels for a strong bottom line.” Scott said.

Raving jumped at the chance to work with casino marketing and management consultant Tom Osiecki to create Raving Marketing Checkup. Tom is Raving’s Partner for Advanced Marketing & Operations.

“We created Raving Marketing Checkup to review marketing strategy, operations and management and advance your marketing to the next level. Raving Marketing Checkup is designed to apply best practices for a better return on your marketing dollar,” Osiecki said.

The Seven Stages of Raving Marketing Checkup

1: Develop Goals Through Collaboration

Working with your key management, Raving Marketing Checkup will develop collaborative goals that result in positive strategic and tactical marketing direction leading to a more efficient, effective casino marketing department.

2: Incorporate Lessons Learned into New Strategies

Raving Marketing Checkup will deliver new marketing strategies through appraisal of existing market data and planning documents. Marketing Checkup will review key company documents and business plans to ascertain the present direction of the company and determine a baseline criteria.

3: Achieve Best Practices by Integrating Functional Changes

Raving Marketing Checkup will apply best practices to marketing departments for optimum operational results. Raving will collaborate with key property stakeholders to assess each marketing department’s programs and functions to determine if improvements can result in more efficient and effective delivery of departmental goals.

4: Operate Your Casino Marketing Department Based on Proven Analytics

Raving Marketing Checkup will incorporate analytics into an actionable strategic plan to move your marketing to the next level. Raving will develop benchmarks to measure future marketing strategy and execution. After review of existing analytic projects, Raving will recommend relevant applications from Raving partners. After mutual buy in from the casino property, Raving will conduct assigned analytics projects.

5: Grow Your Marketing Team through Achievable Goals

Raving Marketing Checkup will use trackable goals and standards to help your marketing team grow to a new level of professional performance. Our team will meet with key stakeholders to review recommendations for marketing personnel. Furthermore, we will assess management effectiveness and establish leadership tracks for current marketing personnel. Lastly, we will to create a map for growth based on qualitative benchmarks established in a success plan.

6: Marketing Success Through A Tool Box Of Programs

Evolve marketing strategies and execution through the tools provided by the Raving Marketing Checkup program. After the Marketing Checkup is complete, Raving Consulting will provide a tool box of best practices that your property can use to execute at a higher level. Raving will provide strategic and tactical programs that will allow your property to produce stronger margins and higher revenues.

7: Final Project Review

Deliver a comprehensive set of key findings that will establish
positive strategic and tactical marketing direction leading to a more efficient, effective marketing department. Collaborate to insure the results are synced with company business goals.

Putting It All Together

Industry leader Raving offers impartial, independent, third party reviews of your total marketing function. Raving Marketing Checkup is laser focused on delivering a clear picture of your marketing as it presently exists; evaluating strengths and weaknesses, recognizing opportunities for improvement, and planning for the future.

Are you in need of a Marketing Checkup? Don’t wait another day to make sure your efforts are getting the results that you need to grow your business.

Contact Amy Hergenrother today at [email protected] or call 775-329-7864 and set-up your free consultation.

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