Six Steps to DIY Social Media Marketing for Casinos

Six Steps Social Media Marketing for Casinos

In today’s media landscape, traditional advertising methods can only take you so far. If your casino isn’t advertising on social media, the simple fact is you’re leaving money on the table. All of the major social media platforms give you the option to create a business account which will give you the power to reach your customers and get detailed feedback about their levels of engagement with your content. This information is an incredible tool, not just to maximize your outreach, but also to learn what type of content resonates with them.

Anyone can make a business account– but if you don’t have a plan, or your content is lackluster, you won’t be getting the most out of your social media marketing campaign. Follow these steps to maximize the return on your investment:

1. Outline Your Action Plan

If you’ve been doing any advertising (and I hope you have), you already know some of what you need for a strong campaign for social media marketing for casinos. For instance, what is the character of your casino? Upscale? Family-friendly? What are the demographics you’re trying to reach? These questions will decide the tone of the content you produce.

Know your hashtags. What are the popular ones that can expand your reach? What are the unique ones that can keep your players coming back to you?

The more contingencies you plan for, the less management you’ll have to do in the future. And don’t forget to set goals. Whether the goal is a thousand new followers or 500 likes on a post, and whether or not you meet it, simply having goals can be a great way to keep you and your team motivated.

2. Get the Right Equipment

The new iPhone cameras are incredible! If that level of video quality works for you, use it. Social media advertising doesn’t just get away with informality, it thrives on it. But, maybe that doesn’t match the tone you’re going for. In that case, invest in a good video camera. The same goes for sound, if informality plays into your chosen tone you can get away with a zoom recorder. But if you’re doing a lot of outdoor shoots, or you want a more polished feel, consider getting a shotgun mic.

The right lighting equipment can make your content look more professional. And a green screen is a simple tool to let you and your team get creative. Give your team the tools to use their imagination and the content they produce will be more engaging to your current and potential guests.

Don’t forget the editing software. iMovie might work if you’re keeping it simple– but look into more comprehensive software, especially if you’re looking to use a green screen.

3. Train Your Team

Did you decide to upgrade your editing software? Give your team members the knowledge they need to excel in implementing it with some online courses from Udemy, Skillshare, or Larry Jordan. Whether it’s editing software, a new camera, or any other new tech; education is a great tool to let your team be as productive as possible.

4. Encourage User Generated Content

A potential customer is much more likely to engage with a post about your establishment that a friend of theirs posted than they are to engage with an advertisement. Don’t abandon advertising! But use this to your advantage. With the right hashtag campaign, you can recruit your players into your advertising campaign and strengthen your online presence. Consider asking your players to #ShowYourWinnings or take a #MoneySelfie.

Word of mouth is still the strongest advertisement you can get, facilitate it.

5. Budget Smart

You’ve already made an outline of your demographics and let that inform the tone of your social media advertising campaign. Now it’s time to learn how to tailor your business account to those demographics. Let’s say you have a business account on Instagram, don’t just pay to promote your post and send it out. Learn the customization options. This will allow you to reach the people you want to reach wherever and whenever they log on.

Each social media platform has its own set of features. Facebook and Instagram are probably your best bets, but don’t forget platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. You know your demographics; what do they use?

6. Go Live!

Live video has a higher engagement rate than traditional video, and higher engagement means more favorable treatment from the algorithm that determines what posts social media users see. Use that to your advantage. You’ll need the right ambassador for your casino who you trust to be photogenic, likeable, and knowledgeable enough to think on their feet. If you already know who that is, great! If not, find them. They could go a long way to attracting customers you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

For more information on integrating and strategizing your social media at your casino, please contact Amy Hergenrother for your free evaluation by calling 775-329-7864 or [email protected]. We have a team that has helped our clients build a more effective social media strategy with measurements. This can all be done remotely as well!


Justin Shank