Ideas to Keep Your Players, Team Members and Community Engaged While You’re Closed


Create in-home entertainment for everyone in your database that will drive a visit when you re-open

The past few weeks has shaken the gaming industry, along with practically every other “non-essential” business sector across the nation.

In the coming weeks, we will be facing a daunting challenge:

How do we re-engage and reenergize our community, team members and players to rebuild business?

We must carefully, thoughtfully and strategically consider what to do next and how to best proceed in a cost effective and meaningful way. While I don’t have all the answers, I can offer you one solution that tackles four key challenges:

  1. How do you engage your players every day in a fun way while you are closed?
  2. How do you encourage your players to remain loyal to your casino (without getting upside down with aggressive free play offers)?
  3. When all the casinos around you will most likely relaunch on or near the same day, how does your message get through? Can you imagine the volume of marketing messages our customers will see when we get the all clear? And finally …
  4. How do you keep your team members’ spirits up, with faith in you and hope for the future?

Here’s How

Carefully drafted, digital engagement with your community, your team members and your players can be very powerful and cost effective. Give your loyal guests (and team members, too) something fun to do while they are at home. Through “interactive activities,” your players can earn valuable entries daily for an on-property drawing that can take place when you re-open.

You can also use this tool to connect and communicate with your team members. We cannot emphasize enough the impact this is having on furloughed or laid off team members. Team communication is key to show that you care and aids in boosting future morale when they get the go-ahead to come back.

A program that is fun, rewarding and provides hope to both your players and team members can help set the tone for future reengagement. And an investment now will pay long-term dividends; we will work with you on the development of a program to suit your property’s needs. You don’t need to set up a social online gaming platform as our platform creates a different type of connection – and is the future of digital marketing communications and engagement. This won’t take weeks to build or install, since it’s completely turnkey and we can get your personalized site up and running within a week.

Take five minutes to click on this link for more details:

Why are we so certain it works?

Our interactive digital engagement program for closed casinos is running now at Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort and Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa – and has been responsible for maintaining brand connection with more than 75% of their players engaged with our program. In the case of Twin Arrows, we actually raised program engagement by 73% since their closing. In both cases, our system engaged players at an unprecedented rate of more than six minutes of interaction per session.

As one of the few successful engagement programs operating during this period, we will use our expertise and proven system to significantly increase your ability to communicate with everyone and implement a successful engagement program leading up to your grand reopening.

The Solution

We have designed a timely, new “Welcome Back” digital program – available in three configurations – that will re-engage the community and team members and re-activate and drive players back to your property. This is just one suggestion on how you can utilize our program because everything within the platform is customizable to your property’s needs.

Once again, click the link : then email [email protected] or call me 702-556-6551. I’ll share some links to demonstrate how you can keep your community, team members and players entertained and engaged!

Daniel Wood