Where Do We Insert FUN? Interview with Shannon Redmond, Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

You think we need some fun in our lives? For sure our guests do.

And who do we call on when we need some ideas? That would be our very dear friend and super smart casino executive, Shannon Redmond, VP of Marketing, Rivers Casino Pittsburgh.

Let me tell you about Shannon. We met her way back … when she was full into her 18-year tenure down at Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel in Louisiana. I’m not sure if it was from growing up where folks eat crawdads and take their guests out for gator viewing at night … whatever it is, Shannon has an incredibly strong FUN gene.

Don’t let that easy laugh fool you though, underneath that big smile is a very educated, strategic and savvy marketer.

So how do you insert in FUN when we can’t have big promotions and everyone’s afraid for their safety? Shannon shares that her team pretty much threw everything out the window and created a brand-new playbook for giving guests what they really want during the last several months.

You know they nailed it when she says, “We even got the table games dealers to dance.”

Shannon is the best at keeping it simple with a great delivery … find out some of her secrets by listening here.