Are Your Casino Promotions Moving the Needle? Three Tips to Measure Success

How do you prove that promotion worked? Questions to ask before you launch your next campaign.

Think of “ROI” as an “if we do this … we should expect this” scenario.

Campaigns and promotions fall into this category. If I launch a $100,000 major promotion with a definite start and stop date, I should expect a specific return on my $100,000. I’m using this to target a customer group, launch a new product or grab a specific area of market share. We can use a much more aggressive approach here because we’re talking to a larger audience and can create a greater sense of urgency and excitement with bigger prizes that anyone can win.

To project the ROI for this campaign, I use historical data to define the type of player I’m looking to reach. Based on this data, I know what I can expect from this type of player; now I just need to predict the number of players I need to bring in during the campaign to hit my expected return on investment. When the campaign ends, we don’t just pat ourselves on the back and say “box checked” now on to the next promotion!

The magic lies in what we do with the players that come in and participate in this campaign. We will get a considerable number of new members into our loyalty program and they should seamlessly fall into our existing new member program via direct marketing. We may also see some defected or declined players that participated, and they would fall into our defective or declined program via direct marketing. The remaining players will be in our active database and should be strongly based in our loyalty program.

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Tip: Once you know why you’re doing it, then measure, collaborate and report results! 

Chris Archunde