Interview with Pam Shaw, Congresswoman, Osage Nation Congress

When I think of women in leadership roles, I think of Pam Shaw. Pam was one of the first Native, female CEOs in the gaming industry.

When I think of women who inspire and encourage others, both male and female, yet again, I think of Pam Shaw, who is the Chairwoman & Co-Founder of the United Women of Tribal Gaming.

In today’s interview, Pam is wearing yet another hat, as she was elected this summer to serve as a Congresswoman for the Osage Nation Congress who serve over 23,000 Tribal members.

Pam now sits on the “other side of the desk” helping her Oklahoma Tribe navigate through tumultuous times including the impacts of Covid and ongoing compact negotiations. She understands from her nearly two decades in gaming operations, how critical the revenue that Tribal casinos generate and the ramifications of that revenue not being there and will do all that she can to protect that right.

Pam states, “… We have no choice but to continue to fight … We have no choice to be anything else but resilient.”

Please take a listen to my chat with one of the strongest and most dedicated ladies I’m proud to know!