Raving CEO

Deana Scott

Deana Scott is a patented inventor who has spent her career in Tribal Gaming focusing on Operations, Marketing and Project Planning. Holding strategic positions as a General Manager and Corporate Marketing Executive, she has hands-on experience in the start-up and expansion of numerous business ventures; including two casinos, three hotels, a convention facility, RV park, restaurants, and even an Organic Cranberry Farm.

Deana believes that research and planning are critical to understanding how to drive business. Operating without a plan is like going on a road trip without a map. You can get there, but it will take longer and cost more money. In February of 2017 she was named CEO of Raving. She looks forward to expanding Raving services and continuing to partner with our clients to tackle the variety of issues facing them today and tomorrow.

In her consulting role, she will continue to help Raving clients look at their overall organization – from corporate development, public relations, sales strategy, and project planning, to hands-on event and promotion development and evaluation – and the impact that it has, not only on today’s revenue, but on tomorrow’s bottom line and future opportunities. Her coaching and leadership development programs are based on curriculums that she created while mentoring numerous Tribal members throughout her career.

Deana’s greatest skills are assisting casino clients with their strategic planning, operational improvements, and investigating new technology and customer trends. Deana is an Advisory Board Member for SLOTCO – a Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures financing solution for Indian gaming. She received a B.A. in Communications from Marylhurst University. She also holds a University of Nevada, Reno Gaming Management Certificate, a UNR Executive Development Certificate and recently completed an Executive & Professional Coaching Master’s Certificate from University of Dallas Texas.
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