Let’s Talk Hospitality 2020 – Part I of III

When it comes to all things casino and resort hospitality – Raving Partner Brett Magnan is our go-to expert. In this three-part series, we’re exploring the need for more permanent strategies for our restaurants and hotels as we navigate through this year of unusual mandates. And of course, I get to have some fun with Brett who grew up in the hotel business in Singapore, learning from his father when he was just a kid. His love for gourmet food and wine started with the first chocolate he nicked off the maid’s cart. He’ll share that story in one of our next interviews.

We start off today talking about the need for a master plan for our F&B departments, as for many of us, the changes we’ve made feel clunky and temporary. We talk about evaluating menus and really asking if we serving our guests the right food. He states that, “The best way to adapt and make our business stronger, is to ask our customers.”

Thanks Brett and look for “Let’s Talk Hospitality” in future Raving On Air interviews.

Brett L. Magnan