Raving and QCI – We Work Together to Ensure You Perform at Your Best

Gaming operators, do you have more data than you can process and analyze? Are you missing the in-house expertise or have limited resources? We’re very excited to tell you about a solution that can help you today.

Raving and Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) have partnered to provide gaming operators an effective software tool with tailored onsite training that aligns marketing, player development, and casino operations.

We’ve got a real solution

The QCI platform, along with Raving’s on-site expert support, gives organizations access to the data they need to make quick, evidence-based decisions in this competitive and ever-changing market.

Andrew Cardno, CTO & Co-Founder of QCI said, “Through our partnership with Raving, QCI customer partners can bring in an experienced skill set, such as training of hosts in developing a holistic methodology to manage their customers or through the development of new marketing segmentation strategies. QCI is proud to be working with Raving to bring increased value to the QCI ecosystem.”

“Raving is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their business goals. After careful evaluation of the QCI Platform, we decided to build a practice around bringing our proven methods to the QCI customers. We are already working with mutual customers on driving value and have been delighted with the initial work that we have undertaken. Raving consultants are thought leaders in the gaming industry, and the opportunity to couple the QCI Platform with the Raving Programs will only enhance our ability to serve our customers,” added Raving CEO, Deana Scott. Read the full press release