Celebrating the New Year's by giving you a highlight of 2018 and your top five articles.

We can’t lie (well, we could, but we’re not in this case). The articles below are our most read articles from our weekly industry report during the last 12 months. Our independent judges (uh … that would be Gency), ran the numbers. Who knew that so many people were interested in tax day? Over a million subscribers (well, maybe not that many, but close) read our reports each week and the articles below had the most not only open rates, but click through rates (a little marketing jargon there for ya).

If you are a new subscriber or you don’t remember how utterly terrific these articles were, here’s some excellent reading to bring you into 2019. We thank all of our Raving Partners and team members for their hours and hours of writing; but we especially thank you, our readers for engaging with us.

Very Happy New Year.

The Raving Team



No One Likes Tax Season: Why Casinos Can Make It Worse For Guests

“Nerd” knowledge to equip you through everyone’s favorite season.

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Better Ways for Hosts to Build their Book of Business

It’s more than a list – steps for casino hosts to build their BOB.

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Five Ways to Improve Your Food & Beverage Operation – Part V

This series covers everything F&B – from service and labor to menu, food prep, costing and financial review.

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Why Do I Know More About Your Product than Your Employee?

Delivering that on­-property experience that lives up to the hype.

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Using Gamification to Actively Engage Employees and Increase Profitability 

Why gamification is being embraced to engage team members.

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