Raving Adds Strategic Partner Lean Revisions to Business Optimization Team

Raving has expanded their resources again! The Native-owned, full service casino and hospitality firm, announced the addition to their business optimization team experts with Jeff and Mason Gray, experts in the Lean Six Sigma process improvement skills that have transformed businesses of all sizes. Listen here to Raving CEO Deana Scott’s interview with the Grays.

Is it the person or is it the process?

“Look, there is no doubt we have a tremendous workforce out there. Our team members have faced incredible challenges the last two years, showing up every day, for our Tribes and for our guests. It is our jobs as leaders to ensure that our processes aren’t causing more frustration or dissatisfaction, but making it easier for them to use the highest and best use of their talent and time. Introducing Lean Six Sigma,” said Scott.

Frustrations in our casino and hospitality operations?

Lean Operations Management is a way of doing business that can identify challenges, no matter what the size of the gaming or hospitality organization. For example, do you have complaints from hotel guests that response to room maintenance is taking too long? Do you have casino players frustrated with jackpot pays? Do you have valuable players standing in line for food when they’d rather be playing? In the past, the “blame” would fall more on the team member or management, rather than looking at the obstacles facing daily activities, with hard working employees feeling, “I’m working so hard, but nothing ever seems good enough.” Continue Reading at TGandH.com → 

Jeff Gray