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Techniques for Maximizing Hotel Rooms

Drive more play in your casino through yield management Rooms as a tool to increase play in the casino is becoming critically important as operators maximize rates based on demand and measured against player worth on the floor. Simply put, no longer are we just trying to maximize room rates blindly. By taking a holistic…

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Are You Failing at Hotel Check-In and Check-Out?

Hotel Check-In

Are you winning or losing your guests through your best intended efforts? You’ve added technology, amenities, flavored water at check-in, and a Starbucks in the lobby – so why are you losing guests to the competitor? Are you trying too hard to be cutting edge and provide cool new amenities to your guests that they…

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Why Your Restaurant Experience Stinks

Poor Restaurant Experience

Ever wonder why you are told there will be a 30-minute wait for a table, but there are plenty of empty tables in the restaurant? The universal “whys” are always the same, and I’ll answer these questions for you. But just so you know, it shouldn’t work that way. Have you ever asked yourself: 1.…

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Creating New Menus

Food Menu

Exotic menus? Fine … but why do you have dog on your menu? Creating menus that are exciting and fresh for our guests is a constant focus of most Chefs and F&B Managers. As they evaluate their menu items, too often personal bias and anecdotal customer comments drive what stays and what goes. This is…

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The International Language? Hospitality!

Brett Magnan

Guest service around the globe I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel overseas and throughout the United States this last year, and I have discovered that there is a common language we all share and understand. It is simply in the way that we give and receive hospitality. No matter if I…

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Five Key Ways To Improve Your Food And Beverage Operation – Part IV

So far in this series, we’ve covered SERVICE, LABOR, and MENU & FOOD PRESENTATION in improving your food and beverage operation. Proper COSTING and WASTE control are the next processes, following MENU Analysis and FOOD PRESENTATION. Peter Drucker, Management Guru and author, often said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” In the…

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