Is Service the Loser in Today’s Hotel Operations?

The guest experience in the hotel industry has seen some dramatic changes over the past year. Here to put those changes into perspective is Raving’s Hospitality Partner, Brett Magnan. If you don’t know Brett or his backstory, listen in. He started his lifelong journey in hospitality – as a kid growing up in the hotel business…

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Let’s Talk Hospitality 2020 – Part I of III

When it comes to all things casino and resort hospitality – Raving Partner Brett Magnan is our go-to expert. In this three-part series, we’re exploring the need for more permanent strategies for our restaurants and hotels as we navigate through this year of unusual mandates. And of course, I get to have some fun with…

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A New Approach to Hospitality

Food as fuel for players – how can we service our guests with new and yet unknown safety guidelines? In this week’s Raving On Air interview, we chat with Raving Hospitality Partner, Brett Magnan. We’ll be talking about all those guest touch points, both in our hotels and food outlets, and how we modify or…

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Eighteen Ideas for Evolved Hospitality

The hospitality business must evolve in order to survive. Shutting down now and just re-opening when the crisis is over will not be enough. Let’s take a look at some ideas that businesses are doing proactively to adapt now and some of the ideas that will evolve in the future. Restaurants Some restaurants are reducing…

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Are You Failing at Hotel Check-In and Check-Out?

Hotel Check-In

Are you winning or losing your guests through your best intended efforts? You’ve added technology, amenities, flavored water at check-in, and a Starbucks in the lobby – so why are you losing guests to the competitor? Are you trying too hard to be cutting edge and provide cool new amenities to your guests that they…

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Why Does the Shower Leak and There Aren’t Enough Outlets?

Casino Resort Hotel Room Renovations

How to avoid costly building errors impacting guest satisfaction Designers – design. Architects – draw. GCs – build. Owners – own. Operators – operate. Controllers – control. The truth is that each of these players in the building of your new casino hotel have an important role – however, one piece is missing. The coordinating…

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