Straightforward Tips for Host and PD Teams

Successful hosts have such passion and energy when they talk about their casino properties and how they make their guests happy. Well, that exuberance applies to our player development road warriors, Raving Partners, Steve Browne and Janet Hawk who paid their dues on the casino floors and are now helping clients across the globe. You’ll smile along with me as they ardently talk about how PD has had a 180 degree turn in the last few months and share ideas how hosts can conquer their challenges in this new playing field.

Is the strategy different for new and younger players coming through the door? NO!!! Should we change our focus and strategy? YES!!! Should we be offering more free play when we don’t other amenities to offer? NO!!! (And for goodness sake, says Steve, stop calling it FREE play!!!). They also give some tips on who hosts should be calling and why.

You can also check out Janet’s more in-depth Q&A on Rethinking PD.

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Janet Hawk