I Am Your Customer and Here’s Why I’m not Visiting Your Casino – Part I


By Guest Contributor, Kathy Thill

Do you miss me? I miss you, too but I’m not ready to get back together.

Who am I? I am a 65+, single, female, middle-upper class and willing to spend $400 for an afternoon of entertainment. I used to visit you once or twice a month. I admit, you weren’t the only one I was seeing.

I would bring my mom who is about to turn 102. Our visit would include a meal, most times the buffet but also the café, coffee place and perhaps ice cream, too. I happily drove the one hour plus to get to you. I didn’t want to go on the bus because I want to decide when I arrive and when I leave.

After COVID struck, here I was stuck at home and getting antsy. Slowly, some of the restrictions were lifted and I started getting messages from you wanting to see me again. I got so excited at the prospect of seeing you again. The offers started coming, more frequently, more player points, gifts, free buffet coupons. It seemed like you really missed me and couldn’t wait to see me again.

But here we are, two months after I’m allowed to see you and here I am. Not there. Why?

I know, you told me all the ways you have made sure I’m safe. But can you, really? The other day, I was in the doctor’s office and the same chair I sat in was not cleaned when I got up and someone else sat there. Now, a doctor’s office should be the cleanest place I visit but I saw the same thing happen at my tax preparer’s office and the local, big box home improvement store. People are handsy. We touch a million surfaces a day, including ourselves.

I go to the grocery store with my mask on, then I pick up and set back down item after item. Is anyone following me, cleaning the item or replacing it with a new one while said item is sequestered with all the cans and boxes that other people touched? No.

I’m sure that you have done everything you can to make me feel safe but there are just too many surfaces that people touch, machines, valets, restrooms, tables, plates, handrails, players club booth, cashier … there is too much risk for me. Not only am I responsible for my health but my 102-year-old mother and I are not willing to risk visiting you. I also know how badly you want to see me. I received three emails from a local casino in one day, and the commercials show how clean everything is but I still have to say no. Just no.

So, how am I spending my money that I was spending with you? Read my next article to find out.

Editor’s Note: Recognize Kathy? She’s a dear Raving friend and has worked the Raving NEXT conference at registration for the last several years. She says she comes to see all of us, but we know she comes because she gets to stay and play at our host properties. Look for her next article in an upcoming Industry Report.