The How-to of Aligning Your Loyalty and PD Departments

Loyalty and Player Development Conference 2019

Loyalty Clubs and Player Development programs are the foundation of our marketing programs. Last week, at Raving’s Loyalty and Player Development Conference in Las Vegas, we addressed how progressive organizations are leveraging these two areas to drive revenue and discussed solutions to solve the operational disconnects between these functions. Attendees took a deep-dive looking at all players holistically through investment rates and analytics, specific to their roles.

As hoped for, the audience was a diverse group of titles and departments, compared to primarily PD positions in the past. Marketing and operations represented over 40% of the audience, with 58% being from player development. This mix of experience (over 25% of attendees had been in their roles for less than a year) and perspective from different job roles and properties, lead to lively discussions and collaboration on team projects.


Danny Gutierrez, General Manager, Cliff Castle Casino Hotel, AZ, said, “Marketing is changing so fast and we’re currently restructuring our marketing department. The topics were very in line with what we’re trying to achieve.”

In between presentations and breakout sessions on host analytics, player reinvestment for both PD and loyalty functions, enhancing guest experience through technology, and other topics, attendees broke up into twelve teams and were posed with real-world challenges (player segmentation strategies, creating a new department structure incorporating both PD and loyalty club, for examples). Twelve teams presented their solutions at the end of the conference. The first-place team was given an award and their solution will be featured in an upcoming article in Casino Journal.

Steve Browne, Raving Partner, PD and Guest Service, along with Raving’s analytics team, has transformed the gaming approach to modern player development. Steve has been involved with the conference since day one and added, “The concept of melding your loyalty club and PD into one seamless, strategic marketing operation was very well received both by the large turnout and by the engagement of the attendees. Also, the team challenge presentations were some of the best I’ve seen in many years; outstanding work and a lot of learning!”

Long-Awaited PD Tool Launched

This event was also where Raving unveiled Ravingdashboards for player development. Built by hosts for hosts, this tool provides access to a real-time customized solution offering managers and hosts insights into performance and to track success including:

  • Trend Analysis (TRIPS, ADT, THEO)
  • Host Quotas and Performance in real-time
  • Player Categorization and Prioritization
  • Player Detail and Stats in one location
  • Player Investment Analysis

Raving’s CEO, Deana Scott, added, “Our new dashboard doesn’t require clients to purchase new software or technology. We use what they have so they can move away from hours of compiling data, to actually making operational decisions that drive business. This is our next step to give hosts the right tools. And, we’re just starting with player development, we have the ability to customize dashboards to fit your needs.”

If you attended the Loyalty and Player Development Conference or the sessions Raving conducted at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference and would like the presentations, or would like to request a demo for RAVINGdashboards, please contact Amy Hergenrother, [email protected], 775-329-7864.


Christine Faria